Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find questions and answers about our PHOENIX GT car rental as well as our chauffeur & limousine service

A) General

  • 1. Why should I rent at PHOENIX GT?
    • We are not a large rental car chain in which the customers are mass-cleared in waiting loops, impersonal according to the scheme XY with standard rental cars. At PHONEIX GT, we take the time to meet your high demands with first-class service and exclusivity. We can respond flexibly to your customer needs and delight you with our lovingly maintained car in personally selected top configuration. The satisfaction of our customers is our top priority, as we as a local company rely on referrals and your positive feedback. We would be delighted to welcome you personally as a valued PHOENIX GT customer.
  • 2. How can I rent?
    • You can contact us via the contact form here on the homepage, by phone at (+33) 0788514137, via WhatsApp message to (+33) 0788514137 or Email make a booking. You will receive a confirmation e-mail with booking confirmation, in which you please again check your details and reservation data and reconfirm.
  • 3. What's the process?
    • E Simple, fast, personal and uncomplicated - step by step: selecting the desired vehicle and desired date. Reserve and book. Meeting at the office or your desired delivery address. Your documents will be checked. Drawing a lease. Settle payment of rent and deposit. Briefing and possibly short test drive. Already, your rental period can start relaxed. You will find an exact schedule once again on our homepage under the heading "Rent a car - How does it work" or simply click here!
  • 4. Can I only drive the car in France?
    • You are allowed to drive by car throughout the European Union including Switzerland and Monaco!

B) Rental

  • 1. What do I need to rent a car?
    •  Renter and drivers must have a driver's license, ID document, credit / debit card, home address and / or holiday residence address.
  • 2. Can I rent with a non-EU driving license?
    • Non-EU driving licenses (except Switzerland) are accepted if you can present a passport with a visa or supplement it with an international driving license. EU driving licenses are always accepted.
  • 3. How can I pay the deposit and rent?
    • By credit card: Mastercard, Diners / Discover, Visa, UnionPay, JCB, American Express.
      By debit card: Maestro.
      By SEPA bank transfer (Please note the bank working days).
      We do not accept any goods as Securing the rent deposit against (watches, own vehicle, crypto-wallet etc.)
  • 4. Where does the handover take place?
    • If you would like to have the car delivered, we will either bring it to your hotel, holiday house, dock and the airport free of charge or we will pick you up and drive you to the rental office free of charge with our limousine. Of course you can also take the rental car with us at the rental station.
  • 5. Is the delivery always free?
    •  For existing and regular customers of PHOENIX GT always within the rental region on the coast of the Côte d'Azur! For new customers too, however, we require a deposit in advance and by email or Whatsapp a copy / photo of your ID card, your driver's license and your address to avoid empty runs. New customers are picked up in most cases, so that we can do the paperwork in the rental office.
  • 6. If I rent the car, can I drive as many friends, acquaintances, relatives as I like?
    • Only if you have the additional drivers registered as official additional drivers by name in the rental agreement with a valid driver's license and pay the corresponding additional fee. Otherwise, you are liable as a tenant intentionally and there is no insurance coverage!
  • 7. Do I enjoy special benefits as a regular customer?
    • Our regular customers enjoy the PHOENIX GT VIP Platinum privileges. Free delivery and pick-up of rental cars, discounted rates, VIP airport shuttle, preferred vehicle reservation, free cancellation, preferred care, restaurant sightseeing and event invitations and much more.

C) Booking

  • 1. Can I book for a special appointment/date?
    • Yes. For a desired date, however, you must pay a deposit of 30 percent, which expires in the event of non-acceptance without claim for replacement. An appointment is only considered binding when the landlord can dispose of the deposit.
  • 2. Are the prices discountable or negotiable?
    • We have fixed prices. Our cars are fully comprehensive, fully equipped and in mint condition. Furthermore, we offer an exceptional and extensive service free of charge for our valued and demanding customers.
  • 3. The included kilometer mileage is not enough for me.
    •  You can either book the planned additional miles in advance at a discounted rate or subsequently pay for the excellent multi-kilometer price. 150 kilometers are included per rental day.
  • . If I book or reserve a car, will I be charged for cancellation fees?
    • If you reserve a rental car and for us on the day of the rental on delivery either an empty trip arises or you do not want to compete, there is a cancellation fee of 30% of the agreed price. It does not matter if you have already made a down payment or not. It makes no difference whether you have reserved or booked by phone, email or Whatsapp.

D) Rental car

  • 1. Do I get exactly the illustrated rental car?
    •  At PHOENIX GT luxury and sports car rental you do not book a rental car category like Sixt, Hertz, Enterprise or other rental car companies and you have to hope for your dream car, but with us you get exactly the vehicle shown.
  • 2. How am I insured?
    • All our rental cars are fully comprehensive. There are no extra costs for optional or additional insurance coverage, such as at Sixt, Europcar, Hertz or other car rental providers.
  • 3. Will the car be explained to me or will I receive a briefing?
    • At PHOENIX GT, service is very important. Not only do you get the keys in your hand and look back, we'll explain the car to you in detail and if necessary make a joint test drive, in case you still feel insecure.
  • 4. For which damages do I have to adhere?
    • You are liable for all damage to the vehicle up to the amount of the agreed deductible, in this case the deposit amount. It does not matter if it's vandalism, because you've left the car unprotected in a side street during the night, if you refuel the wrong gasoline, or cause an accident. It does not matter if you caused the damage yourself or were caused by strangers. In case of gross negligence and intent you are fully liable until the new car value We would also like to say that unfortunately in the car rental industry there are often "black sheep" who hail damage or profit from damage. We are an honest and serious company, acting solely for the sake of customer satisfaction.
  • 5. What do I have to do if there is a technical problem during my rental trip?
    • First, stop the car safely at the next opportunity before any major damage could occur. Follow the instructions in the manual, call the landlord and wait for further instructions. We will help you immediately or inform the breakdown service.

E) Chauffeur

F) Closing words

  • 1. What is expressly prohibited?
    • Subletting, car racing, racetrack rides, participation in driving safety training, driving outside the EU / EEA, driving under the influence of alcohol or alcohol, driving without a license, transfer to an additional driver not included in the rental contract, off-road driving, transporting passengers against payment, manipulation and modifications to the vehicle, arbitrary and unauthorized extension of the rental period, non-compliance with traffic regulations and laws.
  • 2. What if I have an accident as a renter?
    • In the event of any accident or damage you must immediately and without exception call the police and inform us immediately, the landlord!