The incomparable Kingdom of Monaco

A highlight on the Côte d'Azur is the Principality of Monaco. The Monaco, built steeply on the rock, is the second-smallest state in the world, after the Vatican City, but - not least because of its tax laws - has the world's highest population density with just under 38,000 inhabitants on just under two square kilometers. One of the reasons is undoubtedly the absence of direct taxation. Monaco is considered a true tax haven for millionaires. No wonder then that this principality is to be extended by another, approximately six-acre district on artificial ground. According to media reports, the planned eco-district should be completed by 2023 at the latest. The city-state originally consisted of three municipalities: Monaco-Ville, this is the old town with the princely palace, Monte Carlo in the east and La Condamine with the port area in the west. Since 1917, the three communities have been combined. Monaco today is divided into ten municipalities.

Principality of Monaco on the Rock

Did you know that Monaco is spoken in the city-state Monaco? This is a Romance dialect based on the Ligurian dialect from Italy. However, the official language is French. But do not worry, you should also be able to get on with English here, after all, the Principality is clearly shaped by an international population and is a sought-after tourist area worldwide.
As you can see, the sunny Principality of Monaco truly invites you to linger. It is a place like no other, densely built and yet beautiful. Be sure to pay a visit to this unique place, stroll the streets and see for yourself why most visitors here speak of an incomparable flair. I can assure you one thing now: Whoever is there for the first time will no longer be able to come out of amazement!

Panoramic Sunset Monaco

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In addition, you can drive with a luxury sports car, small bays, idyllic cafes and other sightseeing specials, stay and enjoy the moment.

Prince Palace in Monaco

The eventful history of Monaco


After the ancient Greeks founded the Monoiko trading post and Romans took over the area several centuries later, Monaco's history began in the 13th century. Several counties fought over the territory until Francesco Grimaldi seized the region with a successful strike. As a result, the family Grimaldi managed for a long time to expand their power position and expand the ownership. Protection contracts were agreed, thanks to which the principality has maintained its political independence until today.

Nonetheless, the inhabitants of Monaco suffered from poverty for a long time. From the 19th century also sank the sources of revenue of a hitherto economically strong branch, the fishing. Its renaissance saw the city state through the rise of casinos. Since gambling was banned in the 19th century in countries like France or Italy, many players traveled to Monaco. Thus, an important basis was laid for more and more wealthy people to travel to Monaco.
Today, Monaco is a small state in France, which nevertheless forms a large economic and customs union with its neighboring country. Congresses and tourism are considered an important source of income.



The Monegas have it Prince Rainier III. thanks to the fact that their state is no longer almost exclusively dependent on gambling. As Rainier III. In 1949, when he began regency, he changed tax laws, attracting investors and wealthy private individuals to the country. The marriage with Hollywood star Grace Kelly, who became Princess Gracia Patricia after the wedding, gave the Dwarf Principality the necessary amount of glamor to survive on the jet set world stage. The princess died relatively early in a car accident and even Prince Rainier is long dead. Their children Albert, Caroline and Stephanie, however, are still indispensable in the gossip columns of magazines.

Street of Monaco-Ville Monaco

Monaco's flair

Sky blue water and magnificent white villas on a rocky landscape, the world famous Grand Casino at Monte-Carlo, expensive and rare sports cars and even more expensive luxury yachts, that's how we imagine the sunny principality on the French Mediterranean coast.
For many, Monaco is the epitome of luxury, not least because of the wealth and luxury that can be discerned everywhere, as well as the many stars and starlets who like to call the southern European city-state their second home. Monaco is the perfect place to marvel, stroll, ride, and, of course, enjoy life to the fullest. And how is this better than swimming a few days in the stream of glamor and luxury? Exactly: Hire a luxury sedan or a sports car at Phoenix GT. See for yourself and see the beauty of Monaco with one of our luxury rental cars!

Once on site, you may even ask yourself if you might not meet a celebrity here and there or even enjoy a tour together at the sports car round !? After all, there is the opportunity here to meet the royal couple Charlène and Albert, but also world-famous top athletes, actors and models are not exactly rare on the boulevards Monaco in their luxury cars on the way. And how better to do that than by cruising on the Place du Casino and along the Cafe and Hotel de Paris with one of our exotic luxury rental cars.

Monacos Flair and Beach Life

Monaco is a true gem, if not the ultimate highlight of any trip to the Côte d'Azur, and not just during the Monaco Yacht Show or the Monaco Grand Prix with its Formula 1 races. The Principality not only provides a lot of excitement during a stopover in many tourists from the South of France, but also attracts as many celebrities with its sophisticated, glamorous atmosphere. And if you want to enjoy yourself and feel like a star, you can rent a Ferrari or Lamborghini at Phoenix GT. The mountainous coastal roads with their beautiful view of the open sea and the beach bathing enjoy the Mediterranean beauty of the country. In the evening, after a traditional visit to the restaurant and casino, you end the evening with a cocktail in the beach bar or club.

Cocktail beach bar and club monaco

But what else does Monaco have to offer besides all the luxury and celebrities that sparkle a lot of glamor and glamor in this place?
Monaco also impresses with its impressive buildings its world-famous casino. Let's start with the magical old town of the popular city-state, the so-called Monaco-Ville, which is called Rocher (French for rocks). The old town is located on the so-called "Fürstenfelsen", where the Prince's Palace, the political and private residence of the princely family, a cathedral and of course the marine museum of Jacques Cousteau are located.
Anyone who wanders through these will probably soon fall in love with the many winding streets with their almost picturesque houses. The old town is the smallest district of the Principality and perhaps for this very reason a very popular, valuable place that the inhabitants are very proud of. The old town of Monaco is, as typical of the principality, very narrow built; In the narrow streets of the old town are numerous restaurants and souvenir shops. The best way to start your tour of the historic center at the Place de la Visitation, from where you can stroll through the streets and even meet one or the other original Monegassen. It is said that one meets less on luxury and glamor, but rather the more original life get to know - far away from the expensive luxury yachts, supercars and luxury hotels.

Monaco-Ville in Monaco

By the way, Monaco is also excellent for a wellness or beauty holiday. The offers are really enormously diverse. From unaffordable to quite affordable everything is in it. Detailed information and timely booking are advised in any case.

A stay in Monaco is something very special. On this trip, vacationers not only encounter the most densely populated independent state in the world. At the principality the ghosts divide. The destination has the reputation of being suitable only for jet-set life. But every other vacationer should take a look at the principality. Finally, there are also relatively cheap hotels in Monaco, which almost anyone can afford. In addition, the state makes itself as "Manhattan on the Mediterranean" a name. This name is no coincidence. Because around the clock - so it seems - at least is built in Monaco. But Monaco is not just a state of modernity. This retreat of the beautiful and the rich blends the present and the past in a gallant way.


The Gardens of Monaco

Worth a visit is the high-lying Jardin Exotique, a tropical garden that, among other things, presents numerous exotic cacti. In fact, the "Jardin Exotique" is a little adventure in the city. Because the way it was planted here in the first half of the 20th century, it has in itself. The countless cacti and fat plants grow partly directly on the rocks.
This always opens up breathtaking views - but a little caution is also advised. The exotic garden is extremely green and lush despite its rocky terrain. It almost seems as if nature wants to prove what it can produce itself with the least means. The Jardin Exotique is open all year round except for the national holiday on the 19th of November and the 1st of Christmas. Entrance is continuous from 9 o'clock, only the closing times change during the season.
The Exotic Garden is also characterized by its location. It is located on the border with France in the direction of Nice at high altitude, from where there is a spectacular panoramic view of the Principality.

Exotique Jardin Monaco

Noteworthy here is the 7,000 square foot Japanese Garden, located west of the Grimaldi Forum on Avenue Princesse Grace, and boasting plant splendor, filigree Japanese ironworks and bridges, an artificial mountain range, a waterfall with a beach and ponds captivates with rare Koi carp. The Japanese huts that house this Garden of Eden were all created according to the principles of Zen philosophy.
The rose garden Princess Grace beguiles with a varied ensemble of contemporary sculptures and almost 170 different types of roses.
Also worth seeing are the gardens in Fontvieille and in the area between the Oceanographic Museum and the Prince's Palace.

Japanese Garden of Monaco

Museums and Grotto

Museum-goers will benefit from a wide selection of science-based and historically themed museums on a journey through the small country. The Museum Napoleon attracts with an interesting mixture of exhibits of Monegasque history as well as Napoleonic souvenirs. In addition, the repertoire of museums from the city-state around a ship museum, stamp and coin museum or the museum of the Chapelle de la Visitation is supplemented with a collection of sacred works of art. Another highlight of the museum landscape is the princely car museum. Among other things, this exhibition includes an impressive classic car collection.

Musée Océanographique Monaco

A little further south in Monaco, directly on a Mediterranean cliff in the old town of Monaco-Ville, is also the famous Musée Océanographique, one of the largest oceanographic museums, which offers its visitors a wealth of marine objects. It houses more than 4,000 different marine animals in almost 100 aquariums, including rare marine life and species of 200 invertebrate families. The magnificent architecture of the museum points to its founding in 1910 by Albert I. The founder operated himself as an oceanologist, whale researcher and Teuto-log. He was involved in the then sensational felt find of a Lepidoteuthis grimaldii (a scaly deep-water tickfish), which was named after his family Grimaldi. The museum, which was built quickly thereafter, was to duly present this find. The location directly 85 meters above the sea on a cliff is also very impressive as special.

Prehistoric grotto Monaco

No less impressive as the Musée Océanographique is also the "Prehistoric Grotto" or prehistoric stalactite cave, which invites you to visit at a depth of about 60 meters. Here you can admire lime deposits, which have required many thousands of years for their creation. Incidentally, the ticket to the exotic garden also entitles you to visit the observatory and the "Museum of Prehistoric Anthropology".


From here we recommend a visit to the enchanting Cathedral of St. Nicholas, the main church of the Principality of Monaco and the seat of the Archbishop of Monaco, which is very impressive not only from the outside but also inside. There you will find the tombs of the Grimaldi family as well as the famous American actress Grace Kelly.

St. Nicolas Kathedrale Monaco

Monaco is a country with many faces. An architectural highlight is the Fürstenschloss, which was built predominantly in the 16th century and whose sumptuous halls are accessible for guided tours in the summertime. The outdoor area is overflowed by visitors at lunchtime. On time at 11:55 clock takes place before the gates of the Prince's Palace, the Wachabmeldung. Another famous Monaco monument is the Saint-Nicolas Cathedral, built in 1875. This masterpiece of architecture, built in Romanesque-Byzantine style, surprises with an interior decorated with centuries-old art treasures. In addition to the tombs of all Monegasque princes, a 16th-century altarpiece or a white marble bishop's throne magically attracts everyone's gaze.


Another gem Monacos is, of course, the world-famous Monte-Carlo Casino, a true belle-boutique built in 1878 by the French architect Charles Garnier, whose visit to Monaco is a must.
Here time never seems to stand still, because at any time of the day or night, gamblers at slot machines and roulette tables of the casino are hoping for the big ticket.

Grand Casino Monte-Carlo Monaco Gambling

Those who do not really want to try their luck here and spend a lot of money, will be rewarded by the sight of the glamorous building, not to mention the expensive sports cars and luxury cars in front of the casino, which make you feel like you're at the Geneva Motor Show or a Formula 1 race to visit.
The Monte-Carlo Casino is a famous location for many popular films, including the James Bond classics "Never Say Never" and "Golden Eye".
The same building houses the popular Monaco Opera House, also known as the Opéra de Monte-Carlo. Theater and opera lovers are also involved in the comprehensive cultural facility. The cultural program is broad and ranges from ballet to musicals to opera.

Opera Monaco

If you need time out from gambling, you can visit the "Sculpture Trail", which meanders through the city and its gardens. It costs no admission and is nevertheless a delight for those who enjoy sculptures and sculptures. Most of the exhibits, coming from both international and Monaco-based artists, are located on a signposted footpath in the Fontvieille district.

Place du Casino

The Place du Casino (affectionately known by the locals as Camembert) is in many respects one of Monaco's tourist centers. First, because of its very central location in the heart of the Principality. Second, there are the well-known Hôtel de Paris and the famous Casino of Monte-Carlo and next to it the magnificent opera, where all the above-mentioned facilities impress with their historic architecture. Thirdly, the Casino Square with its roundabout is the first port of call for sports car fans and tourists visiting the Principality on a cruise as the ships dock directly below the casino. During the summer months, the Place du Casino is a meeting place for Monaco tourists from all over the world, especially on Friday and Saturday evenings.

Place du Casino Monte-Carlo Monaco


The Monacos marinas are regularly popular tourist destinations, with particularly spectacular and large private yachts moored by wealthy owners at anchor. The largest port, Port Hercule, is located in La Condamine, along the public roads used for the annual Formula One Grand Prix. Other marinas can be found just below the Fürstenfelsen in Fontvieille and on the opposite side of Fontvieille in the direction of Cap-d'Ail (France).

If you want to see the cultural diversity of Monaco from a completely different perspective, you should not miss a harbor tour with the electric bus "Camille". This trip should connect travelers with a flying visit to Monte Carlo. This city, enthroned on an old town rock, is not only the scene of the spectacular Formula 1 race.

Marina of Monaco


After a day of luxury shopping on Avenue Princess Grace or one of the restaurants serving fine French cuisine, an excursion to Monaco's train station completes the discovery tour. Technology enthusiasts encounter one of Europe's most modern station buildings, which serves as inspiration for other station buildings.


The heliport completes this excursion into the world of technology. This base of the helicopter fleet Heli Air from Monaco is the ideal starting point for a panoramic flight by helicopter over the principality.

heliport monaco


In Larvotto there is the public beach Monacos, which is a very popular destination for locals and tourists, especially in the warm summer months. The local sand, however, is coarse-grained and not comparable to fine, white-sand beaches in other Mediterranean locations, and in the water, jellyfish are a disturbance of the bathing activity.

Monaco Monte-Carlo Beach and Sea

Another comparatively large and in summer quite populated public bathing beach is immediately behind Fontvieille, to Cap -d'Ail and on French territory.


Particularly popular in Monaco are the accommodations in the glamorous district of Monte-Carlo. Whether the famous 5 star Hotel Hermitage for just under 700 € the night or the legendary Hotel de Paris for just 1000 € the night - yes, the luxury in Monaco knows no bounds. The latter, not least thanks to its excellent location in the heart of Monaco at the pole position of the Grand Prix circuit of Formula 1. From there you can easily explore the racetrack in one of our supercars. It seems as if one hotel is more luxurious than the other - of course, the sea view is almost always included in the first-class accommodations, the guests residing there are read from the wishes. No wonder there were already celebrities like Michael Jackson or Nelson Mandela.

Hotel de Paris Monte-Carlo Monaco

Of course there are also some cheaper hotels in Monaco, which are also sufficient for a short stay. But the best way to stay mobile with one of our luxury rental cars, is to resort to chic, private accommodation or luxury houses along the Côte d'Azur. We can help you plan your stays in the most exclusive hotels and holiday properties so that you do not have to miss a hotspot on your sports car tour from Monaco to St. Tropez.
By the way, if you're having trouble watching them every step of the way, you should avoid Monaco. You will have to live with the fact that you can hardly do a step without being filmed by a video camera.


For reasons of space, Monaco does not have its own airport. That's why many tourists use the nearby Nice International Airport, which is only 35 kilometers from the Principality. The Phoenix VIP customer service with chauffeur and limousine regularly operates flights to Nice Airport. Of course, you can also take your sports car directly at the airport and we will take care of your luggage with our limousine.

Neighboring Cannes Nice

After a successful day in the Principality of Monaco, many tourists who have not necessarily rented one of the many luxury accommodations will be able to return or continue their journey. Mostly our tenants go back to one of the neighboring neighboring towns such as Nice or Cannes, others fly back home. But many a tourist simply can not leave Monaco without first visiting one of the fine restaurants and cafes. It is always rewarding to have tasted a delicious, Mediterranean dish in Monaco. Whether directly on the coast with stunning sea views or in a small alley in Monaco's picturesque old town, that's up to you.

Neighborhood of Nice

Do you want to make a stop in this magnificent principality during your tour of Southern France, but reside in Cannes or Nice? No problem. With our exclusive sports cars, the coast of France is moving into a manageable and easily accessible area.


Grand Prix

For every Formula One fan, Monte Carlo is a household name. The car race in Monte Carlo has been held once a year since 1950 as part of the World Cup. Meanwhile, the Formula 1 Grand Prix has become a social event.
The special thing about this car race is that the Grand Prix runs through the middle of the city of Monte Carlo. The competition is not only a highlight for lovers of fast cars. Monaco also offers real delicacies for diehard car fans. This does not just mean the Formula 1 race, which takes place here every year and turns the city into a single sports arena. Outside of the international racing circuit, the small state and its glamorous capital attract car lovers with a truly princely exhibition. On the terrace of Fontvieille, well over a hundred automobiles from renowned European and US producers await admirers. The vehicles come from different decades (and now) even centuries. Not a few of them once belonged to the unforgotten Prince Rainier III, who ruled Monaco from 1949 to 2005.

Grand Prix Formula 1 Race Monaco

Circus Festival, Oldtimer, Art Festival

The Monaco International Circus Festival is dedicated to acrobatic excellence. This event was first held in 1974 by Prince Rainer III. initiated. Once a year, acrobats cast a spell over their viewers in January. Over the years, the Monacos International Circus Festival has gone down in history as the world's most famous circus festival.
Not only cars race at rapid speeds over Monaco's streets in the Formula 1 Grand Prix. At the end of January, the classic car rally will be held in Monaco.
It is a bit quieter in April at the art festival in spring therefore.
In summertime Monegasques celebrate the feast of the sea in June.

Cocktail bar evening in Monaco

Evening entertainment

If you want to discover Monaco with all its facets, you should plan enough time for excursions. There is nothing wrong with starting the discovery tour in the evenings. Thanks to the lively nightlife, visitors to Sun Casino or Casino Bay can look forward to Fortuna's support around the clock. Tasteful hotel bars, cocktail bars, notorious nightclubs or inviting jazz clubs promise the right spice.