Rent BMW M4 Competition

Rent our 2018 facelift BMW M4 Competition Convertible and enjoy all-day suitability and the racing feeling of a special kind in one. The massive Bolide BMW M4 is a masterpiece of German automotive technology. Here, a perfectly coordinated 3-liter inline six-cylinder engine combines with biturbo power, which leads in the interplay with the sports exhaust system, the flap control and fuel cut to a thunderous storm and adrenaline rush in the passengers as well as passers-by. The dual-clutch transmission seduces with its indivudell adjustable driving modes and the smooth, lightning-fast but very direct gear changes to be able to compete with the super sports car league. The BMW M4 can certainly not with today's Predator models such. As the McLaren P1 the La Ferrari or the Bugatti Chiron keep up, but he can bring with his driving values ​​and its distinctive, threatening and aggressive appearance, especially in the younger generation, the blood to boil, goose bumps and cause great wonder. The epic color combination with Austingelb metallic exterior and a black full leather interior promise especially on the Côte d'Azur many attentive looks. If you rent a BMW M4 from Hertz Supercars, you will most likely find the basic equipment, or if you decide to rent a BMW M4 at Sixt, the additional options will make the overall rental more expensive. At Phoenix GT you will find a fully equipped dream car in a great color combination for coastal and beach trips, which already includes options such as fully comprehensive insurance and the like in the rate. Rent our BMW M4 Competition Convertible at your preferred rental spots or have the vehicle delivered directly to your desired location. Our M4 luxury rental car promises you everywhere, whether shopping, beach visit, strolling, going out, dinner, family outing and even business meeting always a perfect figure.


Air Conditioning
DAB Radio
Digital Info Center
Laser/Xenon Headlights
Navigation System
Parking Sensors
Race Exhaust System
Race Sport Interior



Minimum of age

The driver has to be at least 23 years old



Driving experience

The driver must have at least 3 years of driving experience


In-line 6-cylinder Twinturbo




7-speed dual clutch automatic


2979 см³





700 €
Daily Rate
4 €
Additional Kilometer
from 3.500 €

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