Today's Staint-Tropez

Saint-Tropez, in Provençal Sant-Troupès, is located in the French department of Var in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region in the canton of Sainte-Maxime in Arrondissement Draguigan. In 2015, 4305 people lived there on the eastern foot of the Massif des Maures on the north shore of a peninsula. However, there are about five million visitors a year through the numerous tourists. You can only speak of Saint Tropez when fast sports cars, all the well-known luxury brands, millionaire yachts, fine boutiques and fine restaurants meet the breathtaking and snow-white beaches of the Côte d'Azur.

Celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio, Naomi Campell, Cristiano Ronaldo and P.Diddy also like to stop here with their luxury yachts. The glamorous place, however, was not so well known from the start. What until the 19th century appeared to be a simple fishing village with less than 5,000 inhabitants, in which there were no holiday homes let alone a touch of luxury, today Saint-Tropez is a celebrity hotspot or meeting place of the international jet set par excellence. The ubiquitous luxury as well as the glamor of the beautiful and the rich is evident everywhere in this place.
But it is also a charming little town with small, narrow streets, picturesque courtyards and magnificent olive trees, the charm of which hardly anyone can resist, once he has taken on the small harbor town.

On the French Mediterranean coast, there are only a few cities that radiate such splendor. The sunny Côte d'Azur is undoubtedly one of the most popular, but also the most beautiful holiday regions in France with Saint-Tropez. A mecca for supercar and luxury car fans, far from jealous glances and resentment. Enjoy your vacation as glamorously as luxurious and rent either a sports car of the brand Ferrari or for example Lamborghini or spend a few relaxing days on a journey of discovery with our chauffeur service. We look forward to welcoming you as a car hire customer in Saint-Tropez.

The history of Saint-Tropez

Saint-Tropez was named after the early Christian martyr Torpes, who was beheaded in the first century AD. The small port town was already interesting since the 8th century for rulers and was also of strategic importance during World War II, when the Allied troops landed at Operation Dragoon before Saint-Tropez. The hinterland of Saint-Tropez used to be much more populated, but the peasants moved more and more away as they did not manage to earn enough to earn a living.

Until the beginning of the 20th century, nothing was to be guessed at the change of Saint-Tropez. It was only towards the end of the 19th century that the first known guests such as Henri Matisse, Paul Signac and Pierre Bonnard moved to Saint-Tropez. One could even say that these gentlemen were the catalyst for Saint-Tropez moving into a new golden age. From then on, the former fishing village became more and more famous, the small port city established itself for various writers, artists and actors to one of the most beautiful and popular beach resorts and meeting places in southern France. This upswing helped Saint-Tropez to visual metamorphosis of the caterpillar to the butterfly. In the past, the inhabitants of Saint-Tropez, who wanted to reach out into the wide world, today it is the whole world that visits this famous and beautiful place. Many famous personalities helped the once small sleepy port city to world fame.

Some sights at a glance

La Citadelle

Built in 1592, the citadel towers over the entire city and offers fantastic views of Saint-Tropez and the surrounding port cities. Inside the hexagonal, massive building is the Musée National de la Marine, which displays maritime exhibits (including cannons, swords, maps, etc) from various centuries, and which focuses on French seafaring.

Another highlight why tourists usually get there is the breathtaking view of Saint-Tropez and the surrounding port cities, which can be enjoyed from the roof of the citadel. For more information about the citadel, see here.

Musée de la Gendarmerie et du Cinéma

The Musée de la Gendarmerie et du Cinéma was opened in 2016 in the old gendarmerie station, in at that time the famous series "Le Gendarme" was shot with Louis de Funés. This cinema museum is dedicated to the story of Brigitte Bardot, inextricably linked to the transformation from the simple fishing hamlet of Saint-Tropez to the dazzling cult site on the Riviera.

In the museum is Louis de Funés himself, as well as the other characters in the series an issue. In front of the museum is a 2.5-meter-high and 700-kilogram bronze sculpture, which was inaugurated in late 2017 on the occasion of the 83rd birthday of Brigitte Bardot and shows the film legend at a young age. The illustration was inspired by an erotic watercolor by the Italian cartoonist Milo Manara.

Musée de l’Annonciade

The Musée de l'Annonciade is located in an old 16th century chapel near the port and shows mainly works of art from the 19th and 20th centuries. The focus of the art museum is on the works of artists such as Paul Signac, Charles Camoin and Henri Matisse, who worked in Saint-Tropez or painted the landscape of the Mediterranean. In summer, theme exhibitions of international standing are also offered. And if you need a bit of variety after a visit to the museum, then why not visit the expensive but nevertheless tasty ice cream parlor "Barbarac", which is completely different located near the museum.

A sight of a different kind is the Papillon Papillon. The Butterfly Museum houses over 35,000 butterflies, some of which are endangered species. At the Gendarmerie, located on the Place des Lices, die-hard Louis de Funes fans can still spot the scenes of legendary gendarmerie films. But today the place is used for a different purpose.


There is of course the famous marina of Saint-Tropez, which is one of the most popular photo opportunities in the city, especially at sunset. This is divided into two parts. There is the so-called "New Harbor" and the "Old Port" (Vieux Port).

You can stroll along the harbor promenade from one side, past sailboats and luxurious yachts, and on the other side past picturesque facades and fine luxury boutiques, restaurants and cafes.

Notre-Dame-de-l’Assomption de Saint-Tropez

The harbor church dates back to the 16th century and is one of them the unmistakable landmark of the place. It is located in the middle of the old town, surrounded by romantic streets and can be seen from afar by its bright yellow-ocher-colored design.

Place des Lices

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, the Place des Lices hosts a traditional weekly market, where you can taste deliciously treats under green trees, or simply enjoy the unique flair, the color scheme and the many different scents of Provence. But even in the evenings worth the visit. Because then you can sometimes watch the older French gentlemen with a nice game of boules over a glass of wine.

Cimetiére Marin

The Cemetery of Saint-Tropez is a picturesque cemetery right on the coast overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. It was created in 1791 below the citadel and since then (last 1980) repeatedly expanded.


In Saint-Tropez and especially around the peninsula are undoubtedly the most beautiful destinations around St. Tropez - the fabled dream beaches. In and around the city a total of seven beaches spread over a length of over 11 kilometers. Directly near the citadel you will find the small sandy beach "Des Graniers" on Chemin des Graniers.

Another and larger beach is further east. The "Canabiers" located on the Avenue des Canebiers opposite the mountain formation - Massif des Maures and promises a spectacular sight especially at sunset. This beach is known because of the nearby villa of the famous film legend Brigitte Bardot. South of Saint-Tropez near Ramatuelle is one of the longest sandy beach sections of the Côte d'Azur.

The largest stretch of coast with approximately 4.5 kilometers in length, extends the most famous legendary beach "Pampelonne" from the Cap du Pinet to the Pointe de la Bonne Terasse. The upper beach section is also called Tahiti plague. There are many beach cafés, restaurants and music clubs on the beach. The beach is actually referred to as the main beach of Saint-Tropez, although it is located near Ramatuelle. On this famous beach, the celebrities like to go swimming in the azure blue sea.

Hot clubs such as the VIP Room, Gaio and famous beach bars such as the Le Club 55, which Nikki Beach or the Moorea will take care of that that you can end a successful day in the beautiful Saint-Tropez glamorous. Close to Ramatuelle is the not overcrowded beach L'Escalet, where you can relax on the fine sandy beach or in the turquoise sea.

Activities in and around Saint-Tropez


The many fashionable boutiques of the luxury brands make it worthwhile to go on an extensive shopping tour in Saint-Tropez. Especially during the "Grande Braderie de Saint-Tropez" at the end of the season in September and October, the luxury boutiques attract with big discount promotions. Almost as popular are the well-known "Sandales tropéziennes", which are typical of the port city.


Good food is also part of a nice holiday in Provence. And so, in Saint-Tropez and the surrounding area, there are many restaurants and cafes that are worth a visit, such as the "La Maison des Jumeaux", "La Vague d'Or", "Le Sporting Bar", where you can meet many locals, and "Le Pomme de Pin", a few minutes drive from Saint-Tropez, where you can enjoy not only fresh fish and wine, but also a breathtaking sunset on the nearby beach.

Hiking and cycling

The area around Saint-Tropez is ideal for hiking. In the center of the sports car off, an ice to cool down and off you go. The surrounding area is a hilly, varied landscape, originally with vineyards and rocky sections. You can wander the entire peninsula along the coast or head for the individual caps such as Cap Camarat, Cap Taillat or Cap Lardier.

If you like, the area around Saint-Tropez can also be explored in a convertible with the sports car or the pleasant sea climate. So that your hikes are perfect, we have created a checklist for the hiking holiday in Provence.

Water sports

Of course, because of its proximity to the sea, Saint-Tropez is also suitable for those who enjoy water sports. Whether swimming, wind- and kitesurfing or sailing, there are many possibilities. At Phoenix GT Watersports you'll find a wide selection of the latest water sports equipment. For further information please click here.

Fixed events

In addition to the sights that are worth a visit throughout the year, there are also many traditional festivals and events that take place regularly. The locals attach great importance to their traditions and culture not to be forgotten. Particularly popular is the folk festival in honor of the patron saint Martyrs Torpes, which is celebrated every year from 16 to 18 May with a huge march and costumed sailors. Also popular is the annual, held in late summer sailing competition, which is a must for all avid water sports enthusiasts.

Medial background

The coastal town is not only known for its celebrities, but also through numerous films and the eponymous television series "St. Tropez - Sous le Soleil ", which has been on television since the late 1990s. The films with Louis de Funes as gendarme Ludovic Cruchot, which were shot and played here in St-Tropez, have contributed to the hype surrounding Saint-Tropez.

Another media figurehead is Brigitte Bardot and the works with Gunter Sachs. The film "... and always lures the woman", which was filmed in St-Tropez, Brigitte Bardot overnight became an international star. Since broadcasting the Geissens on German TV, the place is also becoming more and more famous in the DACH region, Switzerland, Austria and Germany.


Saint-Tropez tends to be more temperate with less rainfall. The climate is temperate with an average annual temperature of 14.8 degrees. Most rainfall in the year, there are in November, the least in July. However, it comes in the summer due to the sometimes prolonged drought in the environment around the port city on the Gulf of Saint-Tropez between Toulon and Cannes again and again to serious forest fires. Partly locals and tourists have to be evacuated.

Getting there

Due to the large number of tourists, especially in the summer to Saint-Tropez, you need a lot of patience, especially in the high season. Although Saint Tropez is not directly connected to a motorway, there is nothing to get in the way of a car. Unfortunately, from the junction and roundabout only one street leads to the center of Saint-Tropez, which often causes traffic jams, but with a rental car convertible or sports car from our fleet, the slow progress is good to survive. Theoretically, one could abbreviate this route, but many streets in the villa area are locked and passable only with ID.

Saint-Tropez Airport is located at La Mole, 15 km southwest of the city. However, the airport is mainly served by private aircraft. The international connection is mainly secured via Nice airport, which is about 1.5 hours away. During summertime, a helicopter service to Nice airport is offered.

The arrival by private yacht is of course also possible. Conclusion: With the right rental car from our fleet not only makes the journey fun, but opens the same entrance and a warm welcome to many trendy clubs.

Near Saint-Tropez

Not far away from St-Tropez lies the hillside town of Gassin, which can be reached by a short sports car ride through the embedding natural landscape, surrounded by classic French vineyards.

From the charming town you get a very nice view of the Massif des Maures with its cork oak forests and olive trees as well as the vines of the rosé wines that are grown here. The place is particularly charming with its charm of a small Provencal village with narrow streets and partly medieval architecture. Here you can relax from the hustle and bustle on the beach and enjoy his glass of red wine in peace with a great view into the distance.

A trip to the beautiful lagoon Port Grimaud is always worth a visit. The lovely little village, criss-crossed by waterways running through small boats, where many apartments and villas are built, makes the place look like a reflection of Venice in Italy.